too cool for school

school2Is that time of year already! For some of us, there is no school no go to, and yet, we can reminisce about those wonder years wearing some key pieces. These 5 school basics that are very now, and have a slight 90’s vibe. To show their versatility, I’ve put together looks for both morning and evening for each piece.


Backpacks are great for carrying a ton of stuff without having to balance the weight between two arms. There are cool designs for pretty much any style.


Graphic tees are awesome statement pieces that are very simple, and can be worn to hang out at the mall or even go to a meeting if paired with the right accessories.


Who doesn’t love an oversize plaid shirt? You can wear them as jackets, shirts or even as a dress if you pair them with a belt.


Ripped jeans have become a must-have during all seasons, and can go very easily from casual to more sophisticated in an instant.


Dust the sneakers and take them out of the closet! When running errands or having a full day of activities, sneakers are the best option especially if they have a neutral color.


*The outfit photos were taken from google searches, and are not mine.


happy belated birthday… to me!

Life has been a little hectic, and though I turned 29 last February 14, I hadn’t shared my looks. Celebrating a birthday over a whole weekend is quite fun ^.^bday1friday am/pm :: Had a meeting early in the morning, and then pizza with a bunch of friends, so jeans and a chiffon blouse were the best options.bday2saturday am :: for a brunch with the girls, I turned to my inner gypsy, with a sophisticated turn.

bday3saturday pm :: after watching the sunset, spent the night with some friends over at the beach, which is great if you love kaftans.

bday4sunday am :: since I was meeting a friend for lunch after church, the pastel lace dress + loafers combo seemed the most appropriate.