diy :: phone case

If you’re like me, you want to have your cell phone protected at all costs, but it needs to look pretty. I had sacrificed beauty over functionality, until I realized I could turn my boring-but-safe black case into a 30-minute DIY project… and have a little fun.

You need:
– scissors
– metallic spray paint
– exacto knife
– tape
– a piece of heavy paper to cut
– metallic markers *optional


You can draw the shape or phrase for the design, which will function as a negative. I chose a heart, and used my exacto knife to cut out the letters. Once you have it, add as much tape as you can, so that it sticks well to the case.DIY-cel_2

Take it outside and play with the spray to get the desired effect. I suggest you first spray on a newspaper, to get the hang of it because spraying can be very messy and hard to control.DIY-cel_3

After letting it dry for at least 20 minutes under the sun, you can use metallic markers to enhance the design.


This technique will work out on plastic cases the best, and even on rubber ones. Just let the paint dry well before using it.