diy :: phone case

If you’re like me, you want to have your cell phone protected at all costs, but it needs to look pretty. I had sacrificed beauty over functionality, until I realized I could turn my boring-but-safe black case into a 30-minute DIY project… and have a little fun.

You need:
– scissors
– metallic spray paint
– exacto knife
– tape
– a piece of heavy paper to cut
– metallic markers *optional


You can draw the shape or phrase for the design, which will function as a negative. I chose a heart, and used my exacto knife to cut out the letters. Once you have it, add as much tape as you can, so that it sticks well to the case.DIY-cel_2

Take it outside and play with the spray to get the desired effect. I suggest you first spray on a newspaper, to get the hang of it because spraying can be very messy and hard to control.DIY-cel_3

After letting it dry for at least 20 minutes under the sun, you can use metallic markers to enhance the design.


This technique will work out on plastic cases the best, and even on rubber ones. Just let the paint dry well before using it.



a case for cases

There are some of the easy and fun ideas out there to customize a boring phone case! It will only depend on how much you want to invest on the project.

Here are some of my favorite picks.

iphone-26a00d8358081ff69e2017d4287643c970c-800wiyIMG_3jhjhj792diy-phone-cases-2125473554112036861_k15iaf3W_cetsyhowto-diy-howto-iphonecase-pressedflowers-finishedtumblr_m7qng9neKu1qfgn5aScreen Shot 2015-05-04 at 5.40.00 PM

chic chicken

Every now and then my friends might send me some bizarre fashion items, as is the case with these chicken leg pumps, to challenge me to make some sense of it. I don’t think these shoes are that bad, so I created an outfit that goes with it. chicken

What do you think? pollito

art in the city :: Hoy Santa Barbara

Some local artists took on the walls of a small barrio and turned them into huge canvases. It was fun to watch them through the process and enjoy their creativity. Here are some of my pictures. SB1 SB2 SB3 SB4 SB5 SB6 SB7 SB8 SB9 SB10 SB11 SB12 SB13

And of course, it did inspire me to translate it to the fashion world. Graffiti inspired clothes are great statement pieces, and they are best worn with other neutral pieces. GRAFFITI-long

If you are interested in learning more about the Hoy Santa Barbara project and the artists involved, check out their fanpage on facebook.

happy belated birthday… to me!

Life has been a little hectic, and though I turned 29 last February 14, I hadn’t shared my looks. Celebrating a birthday over a whole weekend is quite fun ^.^bday1friday am/pm :: Had a meeting early in the morning, and then pizza with a bunch of friends, so jeans and a chiffon blouse were the best options.bday2saturday am :: for a brunch with the girls, I turned to my inner gypsy, with a sophisticated turn.

bday3saturday pm :: after watching the sunset, spent the night with some friends over at the beach, which is great if you love kaftans.

bday4sunday am :: since I was meeting a friend for lunch after church, the pastel lace dress + loafers combo seemed the most appropriate.

inspiration :: mood boards

A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition.

I’m currently working on a special visual fashion project and I was thinking of mood boards. They’re great for inspiration, but also for organizing all the ideas you have in your head. I find it best to look out to what my favorite brands and renown stylists are doing, and then just see what everyone else has come up to.

Here are some examples I found while browsing on the internet. I’ll post mine when it’s ready.

linda-rodinAquazzura-moadboardmoodboardmoodboard-1 262e19942b236b930636c95958eccd51 monchrome+moodboard moodboard-garden-exploration-liggend-a31opu Running-in-Heels-Moodboard-by-Kelsey-of-Pinegate-Road11 mood+board+winter+2011created-by-pixy-louise-smith1 eb96d9ce15c39eb90f46c672df99ed8f karlas-closet 1af2929dc0ab40a11af0c2cc5dfd4c73 27b6e05651231e1a551d32cf374de7ea


You can always create a digital mood board on or on pinterest and share it with your friends.

I also found this very useful 24 pro tips for creating inspirational mood boards article to help me create a more professional mood board; but overall, I believe the most fun you have, the better it will look.