chic chicken

Every now and then my friends might send me some bizarre fashion items, as is the case with these chicken leg pumps, to challenge me to make some sense of it. I don’t think these shoes are that bad, so I created an outfit that goes with it. chicken

What do you think? pollito


10 things i don’t hate about me


There’s been this silly idea online, which is to share 10 things about yourself. I thought I’d give it a try as my first official blog post, so here it goes…

1. I wished I’d live in Australia.

2. My cat’s name is gatuno, which would translate to cat-ish.

3. I love the color turquoise, but tend to instinctively be drawn towards purple.

4. I’m not a girly girl, but I’ll wear a skirt anytime.

5. The slow economy has affected the number of shoes I own.

6. I consider myself not lucky at all.

7. I’m so into vintage stuff that my ride is from the 1990’s, the batmobile.

8. Sometimes I dance in my underwear to whatever music is playing in my room.

9. I didn’t believe in soulmates until I met a guy I thought was mine.

10. Every now and then I go over my closet and try new combinations, so that I’ll already know what looks good if I’m in a hurry.

ps: 10 things i hate about you is one of my favorite movies ^.^