diy :: gingham tie knot shirt

As the dominican summer weather gets consistently hotter, I’ve been carefully selecting what to wear… and what to reinvent. As an avid DIYer, whatever I can alter with minimum effort, will get choped, cropped, or redone!

I had this gingham shirt hidden in the closet for years now, and since it was already starting to look way too used, I decided to revamp it in order to be able to wear it more often.DIY-gingham-1

The first thing to do is to cut the sleeves. Don’t throw them away, because they will become the necessary fabric for the hems.


Once you get rid of the sleeves, measure both sides and mark where you want to cut. I advise you take into consideration positioning a bust dart, so that it doesn’t stay too baggy on the armhole. Then go ahead and finish the hem.


Once you’re done with the armholes, cut the shirt to desired length in the back, and bring it down as a V to the bottom of the front of the shirt, where the buttons end.


Finish all the hems, and voilá, you’ve got a new tie shirt top! Wear it with your favorite lipstick!



i spy

Just bought this preciousness and my mind is already racing with ideas on how to wear it. A structured transparent clutch offers tons of possibilities of non-permanent decorations that can make the piece even more versatile.

i spy

These are some square clutches with prints I really like. I’m looking forward to get some patterned fabric or decorative paper from my favorite craft store!patterns

diy :: kimono cardigan

I had seen some pretty cool looks on pinterest with kimonos and thought could make myself one since it doesn’t involve that much sewing. After finding this easy pattern that explained how to make one I took an old silky square top that had a very cool print, and went ahead with it!


Also, I bought back fringe at a local craft store to add as a trim to the hemline in order to make my kimono a bit more boho. If you try this, pay close attention while sewing it because the threads could clog your sewing machine, as it did indeed happen to me. I ended up sewing the fringe by hand, which worked out pretty well.


diy :: phone case

If you’re like me, you want to have your cell phone protected at all costs, but it needs to look pretty. I had sacrificed beauty over functionality, until I realized I could turn my boring-but-safe black case into a 30-minute DIY project… and have a little fun.

You need:
– scissors
– metallic spray paint
– exacto knife
– tape
– a piece of heavy paper to cut
– metallic markers *optional


You can draw the shape or phrase for the design, which will function as a negative. I chose a heart, and used my exacto knife to cut out the letters. Once you have it, add as much tape as you can, so that it sticks well to the case.DIY-cel_2

Take it outside and play with the spray to get the desired effect. I suggest you first spray on a newspaper, to get the hang of it because spraying can be very messy and hard to control.DIY-cel_3

After letting it dry for at least 20 minutes under the sun, you can use metallic markers to enhance the design.


This technique will work out on plastic cases the best, and even on rubber ones. Just let the paint dry well before using it.


DIY :: gold pumps

Recently, a friend gave me a pair of pumps she no longer wanted. They fitted me perfectly, but the color was so boring and office-esque that I didn’t wear them until I realized they had potential. I decided to paint them gold, since it’s a neutral color that goes with pretty much anything.


Spray painting is a great technique for revamping old things, from shoes to pretty much anything. Just make sure you cover everything that you don’t want painted with tape and newspaper, and after you’re done, let the item sit for a while under the sun between coats of spray.

Once you’re done, wear your creation with pride!