ballerina belle

One of my lifelong dreams was to become a ballerina, and even though I was never able to take more than one class, I love everything ballet related. In fashion, you can get inspired to recreate a ballerina look by combining a tulle skirt with blouses, stripped shirts, tshirts and even sneakers. Here’s a selection on my favorite ballet-inspired looks.

So, when I came across these two tulle skirt DIY, that you can check out here, and here, I didn’t hesitate to make my own.


*All inspo looks were taken from Pinterest, and are not my own. Feel free to contact me if I’ve featured your look.


too cool for school

school2Is that time of year already! For some of us, there is no school no go to, and yet, we can reminisce about those wonder years wearing some key pieces. These 5 school basics that are very now, and have a slight 90’s vibe. To show their versatility, I’ve put together looks for both morning and evening for each piece.


Backpacks are great for carrying a ton of stuff without having to balance the weight between two arms. There are cool designs for pretty much any style.


Graphic tees are awesome statement pieces that are very simple, and can be worn to hang out at the mall or even go to a meeting if paired with the right accessories.


Who doesn’t love an oversize plaid shirt? You can wear them as jackets, shirts or even as a dress if you pair them with a belt.


Ripped jeans have become a must-have during all seasons, and can go very easily from casual to more sophisticated in an instant.


Dust the sneakers and take them out of the closet! When running errands or having a full day of activities, sneakers are the best option especially if they have a neutral color.


*The outfit photos were taken from google searches, and are not mine.

gingham style

The gingham print is a favorite spring staple, not only because it looks fresh but because it does have a picnic-esque allure. Over the last seasons many designers have opted for this pattern to parade through their runways.gingham-designers-1

DVF brought the total gingham look to the spring 2015 runway.


Back in 2010, Christopher Kane played with the print on different fabrics and textures.


De la Renta also played with a total look, but with oversize squares.


Aggugini incorporated the gingham with cartoon maps.


Both Lam and Balmain took advantage of the feminine aspect of the piece in the silhouettes.

gingham-designers-6Michael Kors referenced the 50’s with full skirts on different occasions.


1. Pair your favorite gingham piece with another pattern that has the same color.gingham-2

2.Wear different sizes of the pattern with the same color and add a pop of color with the accessories.gingham-3

3.Combine the pattern with pieces in different colors for a more original look.

*The photos were taken from, a great resource for watching all the  fashion shows and looks from famous designers.

diy :: gingham tie knot shirt

As the dominican summer weather gets consistently hotter, I’ve been carefully selecting what to wear… and what to reinvent. As an avid DIYer, whatever I can alter with minimum effort, will get choped, cropped, or redone!

I had this gingham shirt hidden in the closet for years now, and since it was already starting to look way too used, I decided to revamp it in order to be able to wear it more often.DIY-gingham-1

The first thing to do is to cut the sleeves. Don’t throw them away, because they will become the necessary fabric for the hems.


Once you get rid of the sleeves, measure both sides and mark where you want to cut. I advise you take into consideration positioning a bust dart, so that it doesn’t stay too baggy on the armhole. Then go ahead and finish the hem.


Once you’re done with the armholes, cut the shirt to desired length in the back, and bring it down as a V to the bottom of the front of the shirt, where the buttons end.


Finish all the hems, and voilá, you’ve got a new tie shirt top! Wear it with your favorite lipstick!


i spy

Just bought this preciousness and my mind is already racing with ideas on how to wear it. A structured transparent clutch offers tons of possibilities of non-permanent decorations that can make the piece even more versatile.

i spy

These are some square clutches with prints I really like. I’m looking forward to get some patterned fabric or decorative paper from my favorite craft store!patterns

kimono looks


The cardigan kimono diy was a huge success! I’ve worn it a couple of times already. Here I’ve prepared three looks that show the versatility of the kimono.

Kimonos go great with shorts for a casual evening or a day full of errands.


Pair it with a dress for a more feminine look, perfect for a date or a girl’s brunch.


Substitute the typical blazer for a look that you can wear to the office.


diy :: kimono cardigan

I had seen some pretty cool looks on pinterest with kimonos and thought could make myself one since it doesn’t involve that much sewing. After finding this easy pattern that explained how to make one I took an old silky square top that had a very cool print, and went ahead with it!


Also, I bought back fringe at a local craft store to add as a trim to the hemline in order to make my kimono a bit more boho. If you try this, pay close attention while sewing it because the threads could clog your sewing machine, as it did indeed happen to me. I ended up sewing the fringe by hand, which worked out pretty well.