diy :: gingham tie knot shirt

As the dominican summer weather gets consistently hotter, I’ve been carefully selecting what to wear… and what to reinvent. As an avid DIYer, whatever I can alter with minimum effort, will get choped, cropped, or redone!

I had this gingham shirt hidden in the closet for years now, and since it was already starting to look way too used, I decided to revamp it in order to be able to wear it more often.DIY-gingham-1

The first thing to do is to cut the sleeves. Don’t throw them away, because they will become the necessary fabric for the hems.


Once you get rid of the sleeves, measure both sides and mark where you want to cut. I advise you take into consideration positioning a bust dart, so that it doesn’t stay too baggy on the armhole. Then go ahead and finish the hem.


Once you’re done with the armholes, cut the shirt to desired length in the back, and bring it down as a V to the bottom of the front of the shirt, where the buttons end.


Finish all the hems, and voilΓ‘, you’ve got a new tie shirt top! Wear it with your favorite lipstick!



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