trend alert :: cartoon cartoon

A new trend catching up during Milan Fashion Week was embellished handbags. How cool! Feel free to play like a kid with your favorite cartoons hanging by your favorite purse. This screams DIY, don’t you think?

14-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-11 16-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-05 17-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-12 17-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-15 17-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-25 18-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-04 18-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-05 18-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-10 18-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-12


These are some of my picks from the renown photographer Tommy Ton, and you can check out all his photos at


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